1) Does it cost anything to join the crawl?  There is no cost to join along, no registration fees, no need to register.  The only cost to you is whatever you eat and drink…plus the cost of the T-Shirt which helps pay for the pubcrawl handouts.  Then again, buying the pubcrawl organizer a beer is always encouraged!


2) Who pays for all of the fun stuff, such as beads or gold medals? Each of the pubs generously contributes towards the annual pubcrawl. This money is used to buy pubcrawl essentials, such as beads, medals, glow sticks, cowbells, kazoos, or any other novelty used to enhance the theme.  It also helps the organizer sell T-Shirts at a reduced price.


3) Who came up with the idea for the pubcrawl? At a local picnic, a group of guys were in their usual keg sentry position. The conversation went something like this:
Beer Drinker 1: Nice Day
Beer Drinker 3: There sure are a lot of cool bars that we could walk to when the beer runs out
Beer Drinkers 1, 2, 3, 4: Yup
Beer Drinker 4: Maybe some day we could go to all of them.

From this conversation, the Glenside Pub Crawl was born. Chuck sent out the schedule. People forwarded it to their distribution list, and Voila!


4) Is the Pub Crawl a charity event? To be totally honest, the organizer is too lazy to make it a charity event. That would mean charging people to join along, collecting more money, selling more trinkets, and focusing on raising donations. The initial spirit of the crawl was to enjoy a few hours (more like 12 hours, but who’s counting) with friends, not to raise money for a worthy cause.

5) Do I have to start from the beginning of the crawl, or can I join in at any time? The whole point of publishing the schedule is so you can join in at any time. As fun as it is to spend the day with the Pub Crawl organizer (buying him beer, hint, hint), there is no need to attend every stop.


6) Why don’t you publicize the crawl more? The current state of the crawl is just perfect. The crowd is generally 35+ in age, well behaved, and very manageable.  The size of the crowd is big, but not too big to fit into any one pub.  If the crowd gets too big, the coziness of the pubcrawl will be lost.


7) Does the Pub Crawl organizer make any money on the event? No. In fact, usually just the opposite.  That is why it is important to buy a T-Shirt.  The price of the T-Shirt is calculated so the organizer breaks even on the day.  That is why the price of the shirt varies from year to year.  The moral of the story…please buy a T-Shirt.


8) How many T-Shirts are printed?  For 2006 and 2007, I ordered 150 shirts.  Approximately half are sold prior to the crawl.  If 2005 is any indication, the shirts were sold out by the Blue Comet.  If you want a shirt, you need to get it early.  More shirts could have beeen ordered, but who wants to lug shirts around all day?

9) How many people join the crawl?  This answer is as non-scientific as possible.  Assuming that the person counting has been at all bars and drinking, the blood alcohol level must be factored in.  In the past, 150 Shirts were sold, so at least that many attended.  Not everyone attends all bars, so at any one time, there were about 100 crawlers present.  If 150 shirts are sold in 2007, then we can assume 150 crawlers attended.  Bottom line…I have no clue.

10) When does planning start for the Pub Crawl?  Planning in an ongoing event.  Pub Crawl Board members Chuck and Tim Baldwin are thinking about the Pub Crawl all year long.  Pub Crawlers are also contributing ideas throughout the year.  In fact, during the 2006 Pub Crawl, and table of crawlers was busy coming up with ideas for the next Pub Crawl.

11) Who can I contact with compliments or complaints?  The GPC Board of Directors is comprised of:

Chuck Dougherty – Directing manager of Compliments
Tim Baldwin – Directing manager of Complaints (as well as art and T-Shirts)